F#CK Struggling

A Hollywood A-lister’s Secret to Success

f#ck struggling

If you’re like me, some days you wake up, sit down in front of your laptop and sigh. Google analytics shows 5 people visited your website the day before (that happened to me today). No one liked your post on Facebook and not a soul retweeted your last amazing tweet. What the hell is going […]

Why Indie Authors Should Consider Supplementing with Affiliate Income

Take control of the ups and downs with affiliate income

affiliate income

As you may already know, the purpose of this site is to help indie authors find a way to earn enough money to write full-time. For most of us, book income just isn’t enough. We need additional silo’s of income beyond our morning day job’s to make our dreams of working from home banging on […]

Continuity Income – What it is and Why Writer’s Need It.

Accelerate Your Goal of Writing Full-time


If you’re a writer and you’re hoping to make that your career, then there’s something you should know. Most full-time writer’s do not rely solely on their writing income to make a living. There’s just too many ups and down’s as an author, especially an indie author to earn an income worthy of sustaining a […]

How I Make $150 a Month as a Udemy Affiliate

Udemy, Twitter, Hootsuite, and 30 minutes 3x per week.


$150 per month is $1800 per year in income as a Udemy affiliate! $1800 per year, $150 per month and $25 per hour. It’s not much but it’s more than most new entrepreneurs and I can handle all of it while sitting in front of the television watching my favorite show 3 times a week […]

Value People and Make Them Your Assets

Team building in a start-up


As an entrepreneur, I can confidently say that your company’s biggest asset currently is the people in your start-up. A lot depends on how you build a successful team and inspire them to achieve glory if you have to taste success in entrepreneurship. In short you need to value people. Let us look at the […]

Taming the Beast of Doubt

Where does it come from?


Entrepreneurship is not so rosy as successful people project it. It is even more demanding, merciless and stressful than a 9 to 5 job until you reach the point where you can call yourself successful. No one is going to give you appraisals but you are always going to be on your neck demanding more […]

Stay Grounded in Times of Success

Your future as an entrepreneur depends on it

stay grounded

For every hundred entrepreneurs who start their business, only a handful of them succeed. Naturally a lot of entrepreneurial advice is directed towards facing hard times and keeping one motivated despite the struggles. Every entrepreneur works in the belief that one day success will knock his doors. But most entrepreneurs fail to learn the art […]