EverWebinar – Used It? I’m About to Start.

Follow Along as I Start Using Webinars for My Business


My business always seems like it’s on life support. If I stop working for more than a week, the money dries up and the analytics drops off. Sound familiar? The successful claim webinar’s are the lifeblood of their business. We’re going to find out together if that’s true. Listen, I have passive income. It’s not […]

Bitch Session – Why I’m Considering Leaving Udemy

frustrated udemy instructor

I’m interrupting my regular blog post subjects to update you on the changes at Udemy and how they affect a seasoned instructor like myself causing me to consider leaving Udemy. If you’ve been considering launching a course with Udemy, or are currently an instructor, read on. Easy Money is a Failed Long Term Plan I’ve […]

Steal My Udemy Affiliate Blueprint

The only three activities I use to produce an affiliate income

Udemy affiliate income

If you ever wanted to start an affiliate business, but thought it would take too much time, too much effort, and too much trial and error before you got it right, then consider this the most important post you’ve ever read. Because… In the next five minutes I’m going to show you how I make […]

Shooting in the dark? Wear night vision glasses

Building a business is about setting meaningful goals.

Set meaningful goals

Entrepreneurship as an experience can be very similar to shooting in the dark at times, especially in the initial phase when you have not built a sustainable stream of business or clientele. Every entrepreneur starts with a leap of faith and hence it is not fair to expect very predictable milestones in the journey. However […]

F#CK Struggling

A Hollywood A-lister’s Secret to Success

f#ck struggling

If you’re like me, some days you wake up, sit down in front of your laptop and sigh. Google analytics shows 5 people visited your website the day before (that happened to me today). No one liked your post on Facebook and not a soul retweeted your last amazing tweet. What the hell is going […]

Why Indie Authors Should Consider Supplementing with Affiliate Income

Take control of the ups and downs with affiliate income

affiliate income

As you may already know, the purpose of this site is to help indie authors find a way to earn enough money to write full-time. For most of us, book income just isn’t enough. We need additional silo’s of income beyond our morning day job’s to make our dreams of working from home banging on […]

Continuity Income – What it is and Why Writer’s Need It.

Accelerate Your Goal of Writing Full-time


If you’re a writer and you’re hoping to make that your career, then there’s something you should know. Most full-time writer’s do not rely solely on their writing income to make a living. There’s just too many ups and down’s as an author, especially an indie author to earn an income worthy of sustaining a […]