The First 5 Email Autoresponder’s For Authors

writer email autoresponders

You’re a writer/author and you’ve begun building your email list…finally! Now it’s time to cultivate the relationship you have with your subscribers. The only question, is how and with what content. Here’s a simply guide you can implement to make sure your subscribers are cultivated and growing with you. Starting point: You’ve created some kind […]

Newspaper Method – Harvest Endless Story Idea’s

The easiest story generation method in the world.

Newspaper method

How many times have you sat down and tried to think of an exciting never been told story? If you’re like me, it’s likely thousands of times. Coming up with great story idea’s can be just plain tough. When I wasn’t writing, I was spending hours and hours thinking trying to create awesome plots, true […]

Simple hacks to measure productivity

Start ups- here are some simple methods to measure productivity among employees.

measure producivity

You want to measure productivity in your start-up and optimize it. How do you measure? Here are some simple methods to measure productivity among employees. Measure tasks. Not time. What matters eventually is the completion of the work. Give your employees a brief and a deadline and hold them accountable for its completion on time. […]

EverWebinar – Used It? I’m About to Start.

Follow Along as I Start Using Webinars for My Business


My business always seems like it’s on life support. If I stop working for more than a week, the money dries up and the analytics drops off. Sound familiar? The successful claim webinar’s are the lifeblood of their business. We’re going to find out together if that’s true. Listen, I have passive income. It’s not […]

Steal My Udemy Affiliate Blueprint

The only three activities I use to produce an affiliate income

Udemy affiliate income

If you ever wanted to start an affiliate business, but thought it would take too much time, too much effort, and too much trial and error before you got it right, then consider this the most important post you’ve ever read. Because… In the next five minutes I’m going to show you how I make […]